Microbial Contamination and Antibiotics Resistance Pattern of Isolates from Naira Notes in Some Markets in Esan Land, Edo State.

This study revealed the microbial contamination of Naira notes in relation to season as well the antibiogram on224 pieces of Naira notes collected from some village markets in Esan Land. Five naira (N5), Ten naira (N10) and One Thousand naira (N1000) had contamination rates of 19.43%, 17.72% and 5.33% respectively.

The contamination rates were 23.51% for Ujiogba, 21.12% for Ogwa and 16.99% for Ekpon markets. Among the gram positive isolates, Staphylococcus epidermidis had antimicrobial resistance rate of 86.70% against ampicillin and Staphylococcus aureushad the least of 30.00% against amoxicillin. Among the gram negative isolates, Escherichia coli had resistance rate of 90.00% against ampicillin while Proteus sp. had the least of 40.00% against augumentin. The study has revealed that the lower denominations of Naira notes had higher microbial contamination rate during the rainy season than the dry season at p<0.05. This work recommend Education/enlightenment on proper handling/storage of Naira notes and personal hygiene would as a way out.


CREDIT: academix.ng



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