Effect of Consuming Rooftop Harvested Rainwater from Esan Communities in Edo State Nigeria on Some Biochemical, Haematological Parameters and Electrolytes of Wistar Albino Rats

This study assessed the effects of some local sources of drinking water in Okiagbem, Uromi and Ubiaja communities of Esan Edo State Nigeria on the biochemical, haematological parameters and electrolytes of Wistar albino rats. The Urea values of all the test groups (4.90+0.59, 5.95+0.74 and 5.70+0.71) were slightly higher than that of the control (3.87+0.39 and there was a significant (p ≥0.05) increase in blood Creatinine levels of all the test groups (79.83+10.39, 101.67+13.54 and  97.67+8.76) compared with the control (67.33+7.81), indicating renal damage.

There was an increase in Total and Conjugated Bilirubin of the test groups compared with the control. There was no significant (p≥0.05) increase in Electrolytes’ concentrations between the test groups and control. .The PCV values range of 35.17+1.45% to 38.00+2.67% for all samples were not significantly (p≥0.05) different from the Control values (36.00+1.93%). There were significant (p≥0.05) increases in the TWBC counts of Uromi and Ubiaja test groups. The liver function test conducted showed a significant (p≥0.05) increase in ALT, AST and ALP with the variations indicating liver damage

 CREDIT: academix.ng


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